Lighting & Cooling Systems
Synergy, a cutting-edge lighting system developed by Unity Group, features an array of lighting solutions, including bright, energy-efficient lighting fixtures and sunlight-readable outdoor LCD screens.
Ultra-high output
LED lighting equipment

Our ultra-high output LED lighting equipment has a long lifespan of more than 100,000 hours. Compared with ordinary LED lights, our LED lights provide brighter and more energy-efficient illumination, and the lifespan is 3 to 10 times longer.
Unity Group's model
Business model
Unity shares parts of the profits derived from savings on electricity bills
Product strategy
EMC - higher R&D spending to achieve the highest savings and longest product lifespan
Energy saving
Higher R&D spending to achieve the highest savings and longest product lifespan
Product lifespan
EMC contracts, with very long product lifespan (100,000 hours)
Manufacturers' model
Business model
Profits from sales
Product strategy
Not born to be EMC products, hence the need to minimise costs and maximise profit margin
Energy saving
Keeping the product quality reasonable and prices affordable
Product lifespan
Recurring revenue needed, relatively short product lifespan(20,000 to 30,000 hours)
Using its professionally designed LED llighting, Unity Group produces the best, the brightest and the most durable LED products.
LED product lifespan
Unity Group's LED products:
Ultra-low defect rate: 0.01% per year on average
LED products in the market:
For the first 15,000 hours of operation, the defect rate is 50%; for the first 30,000 hours of operation, 100%
LED illumination performance
Unity Group's LED products :
12 hours of daily operation: <2% annual luminosity loss
(>90% of LED lights can maintain 90% of lumen output for the first 60,000 hours of operation)
(>90% LED lights can maintain 70% of lumen output for the first 100,000 hours of operation)
LEDs on the market:
(50% LED lights can deliver only 50% of lumen output for the first 30,000 hours of operation)
Number of hours in operation - 12 hours per day/ 4,380 hours per year
Total number of hours in operation - 15,000 hours, or 3.4 years
Total number of hours in operation - 30,000 hours, or 7 years
Total number of hours in operation - 45,000 hours, or 10 years
    Synergy LED lights   LED lights available in the market
Energy saving rate   81%   50%
Product lifespan   More 100,000 hours   20,000-30,000小時
Heat generated   75% reduction   High temperature
Illumination performance   2-4% reduction per year   10-20% reduction per year
Product malfunction rate   About 0.01% per year   10-15% reduction from the 2nd years onwards
Product malfunction rate   About 0.01% per year   10-15% reduction from the 2nd years onwards
Maintenance frequency   Highly infrequent   Frequent
In the past seven years, Unity has installed more than 4,000,000 lighting devices for numerous commercial buildings.
Energy-saving lighting devices
Recycling rate
Defect rate
Reserve rate
3% No customer requests for extra stocks for future replacement
Latest news
Foray into residential green property market
February 2022

The Group signed an agreement with a government agency in Selangor, Malaysia, on the implementation of a high-efficiency energy-saving project. Under the agreement, we installed six million of our patented LED lights in 6,000 condominiums in the Malaysian state with a 10-year warranty. In the process, no upfront cost was incurred to the Selangor government. With the LED lights, electricity bills of the residential project can be reduced by 81%, and the Group shares parts of the profits resulting from the saving. In August 2022, this ongoing energy-saving project began to generate profits for the Group
June 2022

We deepened our ties with Malaysia by signing a memorandum of understanding, under which we would install about 10 million LED lights in 10,000 condominiums in an high-efficiency energy-saving project that covers Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan and Malacca
Cooling System
At least 25-30% energy saved for air conditioning system without normal operations being affected
Unity Group's self-developed Coologic® management system provides one-stop central air-conditioning energy-saving solutions to enhance energy efficiency and operational efficiency. These include real-time monitoring and analysis of cooling demand, cooling output, climate and energy consumption, as well as energy consumption prediction.
Unity Group's water treatment solutions

Our frozen and condensed water treatment projects use differential pressure membrane separation technology to filter out scale, sediments, suspended matter, colloids, bacteria, macromolecular organic materials and other harmful substances from the cooling tower. This super filtration process has various advantages. For example, it does not involve using any chemicals, and it has the ability to lengthen the lifespan of the equipment, boost efficiency, and eliminate 90 to 100% of pathogens.
No use of chemicals
Extension of lifespan
Boost efficiency
Eliminate 90-100% of pathogens

0.01-micron super infiltration membrane
Viruses and bacteria cannot go through

0.0001-micron water molecules
Can pass through the super infiltration membrane