Awards & Recognition
We have various coveted accolades under our belt, which are a testimony to our relentless effort in developing low-carbon technology. The following are the rewards and honors we have won in the past five years.
FSES Fullest Social Enterprise Society

2022 FSES Tithe Ethical Consumption Movement (TECM)

CPA Australia

2022 Mansfield Wong and Kenny Wong as speakers of a webinar
Topic: Carbon Neutrality in GBA

GBA Carbon Neutrality Association

2022 Institutional Member of the Association and Mansfield Wong as Vice President of the Association


2021 Top 10 Most Popular Cleantech Solution Providers

Fullness Social Enterprise Society

Social Enterprise Supporter Award Scheme 2021

Environment Campaign Committee

Environment Campaign Committee 2020-2022 Award of Hong Kong Green Organization Go Green Wastewi (Membership number: GO-8339-2201)

Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

2019-2020 Certificate of Merit

World Green Organisation

2018 Sustainable Business Award

The Federation of Hong Kong Industries and the Bank of China Limited

2018-2019 BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards EcoChallenger

Forbes China

2017 Forbes China Up-and-Comers List Top 100 Best Listed Company