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Unity Group is a leading provider of energy-saving solutions, which encompass a wide diversity of energy efficiency technologies, renewable energy, energy storage solutions and green property development. Our green technology services include tailor-made solution design, fundraising, project deployment and operation, and product maintenance. By offering tailor-made solutions to energy producers, distributors and consumers, including property owners, big corporations and multinational companies, we are able to meet their specific needs.

Over the past decade, Unity Group has been expanding its geographical footprint. We have undertaken various large-scale energy-saving projects in Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Africa. We strive to generate long-term values for our customers and assist them to reduce operating expenses by using green technologies. This can improve the consistency of our services and also promote sustainability. As a result of our efforts, we have helped the world reduce more than 200kg of carbon emissions.
Energy saved
307 GWh
Carbon emission reduction
224,070,360 kg
Number of trees planted