Renewable Energy
One-stop solutions to meet customers' needs
As a pioneer in ESG, Unity Group attaches great importance to renewable energy with zero emissions. As such, we implement solar energy projects in different parts of the globe, including Hong Kong, mainland China, Malaysia and Africa.
Through our photovoltaic power generation projects, we provide one-stop solutions to our customers to support them in every step of the way, from project planning to management.

Capital investment and project financing consultation

Project design and development

Facility design and procurement

Facility installation and test

Facility management, operation, maintenance and repair
In 2022, Unity Group entered into an agreement with Zhuhai Xiangbang Environmental Protection Building Materials Co., Ltd, under which Unity Group will build a 600-kilowatt distributed solar photovoltaic power generation system for Zhuhai Xiangbang’s production plant in Zhuhai. Upon completion, the system will generate an estimated 660,000 kWh of electricity per year, equivalent to an annual reduction of about 386 tons of carbon dioxide.
600 kWh Solar PV System
Annual Generate
660,000 kWh electricity
Annual emission reduction
386 tons of CO2