Carbon Credits
Since 2016, the Group has been publishing its own environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reports in accordance with the ESG Reporting Guide of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. These reports offer an insight into the Group’s achievements and performance in sustainable development.

We are known for our commitment to fostering natural resource collaboration and promoting conservation and sustainability. We make a conscious effort to run our business in the most effective, environmentally friendly and ethical way. As an energy service company with strong ethics, we play a vital role in addressing different environmental issues. For example, to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, we implement clean energy solutions in local communities.
Carbon Credits

Today, a growing number of businesses and individuals around the world are recognizing the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Many strive to improve their energy efficiency in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

As a long-established Hong Kong company with a track record of providing smart green technology and low-emission energy solutions, Unity Group is committed to raising awareness of carbon credits as a way to achieve carbon neutrality.
Origin of Carbon Credits
Global warming has been accelerating over the years. The biggest culprit of the crisis is the emission of greenhouses gases including man-made carbon dioxide (CO2). In 2015, governments around the world adopted the Paris Agreement, a climate change accord under which the signatory countries pledged to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve carbon neutrality in the long run. A cap was set on the maximum level of emissions, and permits known as carbon credits were issued, giving the holders the right to emit a certain amount of CO2.
Businesses involved in reducing emissions can obtain carbon credits from the authorities concerned based on the actual amount of emissions they reduce. Conversely, if a company produces greenhouse gases through its operations, it will have to purchase a certain amount of carbon credits accordingly.
Verified Carbon Credits

The Group has been granted carbon credits for its commitment to reducing emissions through various energy-saving projects. In early 2022, we sought accreditation from CMA Lab and CTI, two accredited bodies, for one such project in Indonesia. As of 22nd July 2022, the verified carbon credits we had obtained amounted to 50,000 tonnes of carbon emissions. This is no small feat, but it only constitutes a small percentage of all the credits we have earned.
Carbon Rights Trading
Carbon exchanges established in different parts of the globe provide a platform for governments and companies to sell unused carbon credits. Currently, Europe has the most established carbon exchanges, while those in the US are gaining traction.