Company Profile
Founded in 2008, Unity Group is the first energy service company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Forming the bedrock of our operations is our Energy Management Contract (EMC) business model, whereby we implement customize solutions to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and maximize returns for our clients.

We pride ourselves on the sustained excellence of our research. The methodologies we adopt are industry leading, effective, and practical. Our methods encompass innovative green technologies, data analysis, and machine learning. The results of our research and developments translate into our unique versatile, fitting, and feasible green technology solutions. This in turn allows us to adapt and maximize the value of our client's assets.
Our philosophy

A World-leading Carbon Neutrality Solutions Provider

Your Partner for Developing Carbon Neutrality Solutions

Unity of knowledge and action - leading the green way forward

Your ESG Specialist

Pioneer in the Green Technology Revolution
Our vision

We take it upon ourselves to protect the environment for a sustainable future. Fast becoming the most preferred, most trustworthy partner in the industry, we deliver the most professional, best-in-class energy solutions to our clients.
Our Motto
Green Technology & ESG Pioneer
Our Mission

We take it upon ourselves to give back to the community. By using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize green technology projects, we support our customers and society to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality earlier than planned.
to support Hong Kong achieve carbon neutrality by 2050
to support mainland China achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality
to share gains with our customers
to develop comprehensive and innovative greentech technologies