Green Property
As an integrated green technology provider, the Group is aware of the enormous potential of the green property development sector.
In May 2022, we established a wholly owned subsidiary, Unity Green Development Limited (“UGDL”), as part of our effort to expand the Unity Group’s green property segment. Green properties are comprised of a variety of factors, which include the use of green building materials, green facades, energy-efficient installations, indoor natural lighting, solar energy applications, wind and airflow applications, and rainwater recycling applications, etc. As Hong Kong’s first and foremost integrated green technology provider, we are determined to be the best in green architecture, producing sustainable and practical buildings.
In the same year, the Group acquired a site and a property in Kwai Chung that cover a total area of 3,000 square metres. The property, to be redeveloped into a green digital data centre, will form the basis of the Group’s green property segment.