Digital Vertical Indoor Farming
Unity Group's Digital Vertical Indoor Farming System
Unity Group's self-developed Digital Vertical Indoor Farming (DVIF) system is fitted with solar panels to generate electricity for indoor devices that have constant temperature or constant humidity control function. They can effectively reduce energy costs. The system is also equipped with plant lights that can change the light spectrums automatically in accordance with the specific needs of plants, thus accelerating growth while saving energy and water.
A research by the EU food innovation initiative EIT Food compared the traditional outdoor and indoor farming models with the digital indoor farming model. It was found that for every kilogram of lettuce.
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Digital indoor farming
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Indoor farming model
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Traditional farming model
DVIF is a sustainable farming method. The Group's DVIF system can grow 800 to 1,200 kilograms of lettuce per square metre annually, an output 200 times bigger than traditional outdoor farms and 10 times indoor farms. Besides, transportation costs associated with digital vertical indoor farming are the lowest.
Unity Group is an avid supporter of vertical farms in Hong Kong. We have donated vertical farming equipment to the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and is committed to helping social enterprises to grow vegetables with a low carbon footprint, with a view to providing Hong Kong people with safe and pesticide-free fresh produce.