Global Business of Carbon Neutrality
We provide a vast array of energy solutions to over 20 countries around the world, with a proven track record of reducing carbon emissions and saving costs for our clients.

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Unity Group Holdings International Limited
Stock code: 1539.HK
Market Capital
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Founded in 2008, Unity Group is the first energy service company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Forming the bedrock of our operations is our Energy Management Contract (EMC) business model, whereby we implement tailor-made solutions to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency and maximum returns for our clients.

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Our vision

Pioneer in ESG and Green Technology

Unity Group’s vision is anchored around the notion of “unity of knowledge and action”, which comes from I Ching, the famous divination text in ancient China. As an energy service company with strong expertise, we have a track record of bringing positive changes to the energy sector. We take it upon ourselves in giving back to the community and aim to be the preferred and most reliable partner for a sustainable future.